Wednesday, 2 December 2015


A trip to Hamilton for there annual fun fly and swap meet for David, Alex and Fred Chigwidden, weather was great , low 20's and light winds made for some good flying. Great to catch up with friends that we haven't seen since last year. The event was well supported with lots of planes and pilots, something the Hamilton club was most appreciative of as other events had reported poor attendances. For myself it is the pick of the bunch as it is a great weekend, most inviting and friendly atmosphere, pre xmas get together.

Above Trogans of all sizes and left/ below a very nice Gilmore racer, Evolution 9 cylinder radial up front, flew and sounded nice ..

 110 inch P47 Thunderbolt razor back, Composite ARF of excellent quality, 250 Moki radial [$5000] up front.
That scale prop hub is adjustable and you can vary the pitch on blades, cost $900, cockpit was reported as being the same. As you might guess model wasn't cheap either,$6000 plus $3500 for retracts, wheels and air kit, this one all up ready to fly will set you back $20000 +

 Right are some models from the SA crew and below some general shots of the event

 Nice sized and looking Tigermoth and large jet displayed on Sunday, but didn't fly...

Above some more nice models and right team Chiggy, another successful event, with myself taken out overall fun flyer of the event and dad with best scale model with the Gannett. All in all a top, relaxing, friendly weekend, that I will be attending again..............

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