Monday, 4 May 2015

SWAMPS Sunday 3/5/2015

David C's  Spitfire

Alex C's  Red Zephyr and Rainbow

 Fred C's Fairy Gannett and below
              Gloster Gladiator


New member Neil Busby and some of the models he brought for a days flying.


Neils odd Tiger Moth with a Evolution 35cc radial, flew very nice and sounded good too...
Neils day had a bad start, a brand new Pulse that had the Ailerons reversed,
" we have all done that"
and his glider after a fail in the Elevator
Martins Old timer and Monster buggy
Johns Piper Cub

A perfect day for flying and socialising, with some valued time on the sticks after a couple of weeks off, plenty of flights all day. Ben also turned up for a chat and a fly, good to see a good turnout at the field.

SWAMPS Sunday 22/03/15

Alex's new Piper Cub