Saturday, 29 April 2017

Fred C Tri plane

Martin's Tri 60 trainer

Dav & Fred C with uncle bob. Sorry about the video

Dav T 700 nitro heli flown at different field

Fred C landing his red zepher

Martin T with his foamy Phoenix glider

Martin T's Phoenix


Matt J flying his sky raider

A rare site Control line flying

Chris H flying his twin engine bomber

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

G Day all
                As you know the wind plays a big part in or hobby so it's been a while since we've flown. Sunday was a nice day wind was low and sun not to bright
Matt J getting his war bird ready but later in the day it had a radio glitch and you can guess the ending. Matt did have a good flying his dragon lady.
Fred C brought out uncle bob after he had to repair one wing and under carriage after a heavy landing weeks ago
Ben has this electric trainer set up with FPV which works very well. Mick S was right into it as well as you can see and Rod S was his spotter

Mick S's FPV gear
I hope to put video's on youtube in the future

Test YouTUBE link

Gday all

Just testing YouTUBE linking abilities