Sunday, 27 November 2016

G'Day all
                Saturday 3/12/16 the field will be closed due to the pattern flyers having their comp at
our field. And don't forget on sunday 4/12/16 our xmas get together BBQ. The day was over cast but the wind was around 20kms
Fred C put up his dragon lady for a hair raising flying skills test.

Matt J brought out his dragon lady gave it a crack and did some nice moves but the old timer had the edge.

As for Martin T it was a bad hair day. A picture tells a thousand words.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

G'Day all
                Another beautiful day for flying, low wind, blue and clear skies.
Brad C a former president. Brad flew a multi coloured type zepher.

 Fred C setting up his two favourite planes

Matt J with his katana still running it in. A recovered sky walker that performed great in the sky.


Mike S with his gas powered ultimate biplane ripping up the sky. Below with his quad with all it crazy lights. Stop, revs and indicators.

Sunday, 13 November 2016 all

 Last friday was one of those few days you could flying. So fred C, matt J and martin T made the most of it. Sun was shining wind around 20 to 30 Ks and the field was short and green. Perfect

Matt J with a couple of his war birds a 3D,trainer and the dragon lady and if you check back in a previous blog matt did some serious damage and had to rebuild the fuse from the back of the wing forward. He did a good job, looks good and flies well. If any body has got a single drive prime mover with a dry pan trailer for sale see matt his trailer getting to small. just joking matt LOL
 Fred C With the misfit and dragon lady. Fred likes to show of  his pilot skills with both these planes and it's nice to watch. Good on you pal HA HA

Martin T's RV 4 only one toy for the day. Had about 4 good flies of it. A good day had by all except Chris H who was in the next paddock cutting hay sorry Chris PS the burgers tasted great to.

                           ALL WELCOME MEMBERS and GUESTS

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Swamps christmas barbecue

4 th

It's back again
Our christmas barbecue is on
Hopefully we will have decent weather by then
(Those famous scones might make an appearence)

Monday, 7 November 2016


Guest list
Fred C , Mike S, Chris H and son Clay, Bob H, David K, Former president Adrian K, Ben, Martin T and Geoff White from the b/dale club
Special thanks to Tamara H for the salad and Suzanne S for the scones, cream and jam.
 Bobby H had no trouble flying his pattern plane in the windy conditions and put it thru it's paces.
 Chris H with his gee bee put on a bit of a show with inverted,knife edge and stall turns

Fred C here with the dragon lady flew it with no troubles. But uncle bob was a different story, the wind play merry hell with it.