Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Bairnsdale ACTIO'n Scale day 7/8 March 2015

 The newest state field Bairnsdale and some of the models that attended the opening and scale day 
A nice clear day, with some wind in the afternoon, but plenty of flying done.
What was to be a casual day out for the Chigwiddens, turn out to be a very successful one.
The Fairy Gannett taking out the pilots choice award and myself winning the Barry James flight realism award.
This award in memory of Barry, who passed away recently and in recognition of his love for scale flying.
Being the first to win this award from a top club and some of the finest bunch of men  and wives I know, will be proudly displayed.
So if you want to meet a some wonderful people and fly on a top new field,
GO THERE!!!!!!!!!!!

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