Tuesday, 15 September 2015

SWAMPS A.G.M. 13.9.15

What a great day for an A.G.M., 25 degrees, light winds all day and a free barbie. Add plenty of planes,heli's,a drone, 2 monster trucks and lots of friends,what more can you ask for..........
 A.G.M. was started at 1.20pm and finished at 2.20pm, those in attendance were as follows; Fred / David & Alex Chigwidden, Bob Hurst, Chris and Clay Hance, Mike Schaarschmidt, Martin Thoonen, Trevor Boundy, Ron Pearson and Ted Stephenson . A new president had to be elected and  Mike Schaarschmidt has been appointed...... All other positions remained the same, David Chigwidden / Vice President, Fred Chigwidden / Treasurer  Secretary and Public Officer, Bob Hurst / Safety Officer and Contest Director, Committee Members Trevor Boundy and Ron Pearson, myself being nominated as Editor..... The treasurer's report revealed a healthy bank balance of $4296 of which some will be spent on some recycled stone to improve the track for those wetter months, approx' $600 and no other major spending fore casted. Fees are Seniors $200, Pensioners $180, Juniors $80 and Associates $70, all the same as last year. Although our membership is currently at 14 members, all attended agreed that we had a healthy club and a great well maintained flying field, Thanks mostly to Fred C and the little improvements that are ongoing was all that was needed......Our purchase of the gang mower a couple of years back and a recently donated ride on mower, certainly  make life easier and shows on the field. The meeting closed with scones, jam and cream, Many thanks to Carol our land lord. Thanks should also go to Fred C on the barbie and Chris's wife, Tamara for the salads............

Chris H's 30cc Gee bee with 3 cylinder Saito up front, unfortunately the model suffered serious damaged  after an error of judgement saw it hit the ground hard. Chris not being the only one to damage things despite the perfect day, myself included, must of been the shock of sunshine or just too relaxed, damaged ranged from bent under carts to broken wings
Left and below is Trevor Boundy showing off some control line skills, haven't seen  this for a while and Alex C had never seen and so was totally intrigued, don't know how Trevor does it, I would of been falling over after the first lap.

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