Saturday, 25 March 2017

G'Day All
                  Beautiful day clear skies around 30K winds but did get rather warm mid afternoon. At the field was Fred C, Mick S, Matt J, Bobby H, Rod S,Ben ?and Martin T sorry ben
Bobby H with his little HK biplane being launched off the ski ramp with Ben looking on. Check out the next pic

Rob S getting back into flying after a bit of a break. Flying a speed air 40 doing a good job too
Matt J with his katana first flite with a dle30. Not good lost power on take off.
Fred C Didn't getting much flying in that day Martin T has been getting him to test out his new Sky Bolt and guess what next week you have a mew gull to test as well. LOL

Friday, 10 March 2017

G' Day All
                  Sorry it's been a while since i posted a blog. But i have been busy.
Here's a few pics of the past few weeks

Here's Fred C with a big bi plane
Matt J with some new big planes

Fred C and Martin T went flying today Fred C with his tri plane and Martin T with his new bi plane.